Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And this is Sophie...

She is the new puppy in town.  She is 17 weeks old and an adorable ball of black fur. With Quincy getting on in years we thought it would be a good time to add a puppy to the family.  So on July 9th we brought her home from her breeder's http://www.neigenuveaux.com . We are head over heals in love with this dog.  She has the sweetest temperament.  She loves kids and other dogs and will happily greet anyone she meets.  She is learning not to go after the cat (much to our cat Daphne's relief).   To my utter joy, Sophie was swimming at 15 weeks old.  What a thrill.  Unfortunately I have no photos of this momentous occasion since I was in the pond with her at the time but she did me proud my little girly-whirly.  We are looking forward to lots of fun with this very special pup.

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