Friday, July 10, 2020

Litter Born at Hickory Tavern Farm Barbets

Congratulations to breeder Judy Descutner at Hickory Tavern Farm Barbet on her recent litter of seven puppies born July 8, 2020 by CH Northrock's Athos Pascal and out of her beautiful girl Hickory Tavern Former Child Star CM3.  A big thank you to Pascal's co-owners Josh and Maria for helping to make this breeding possible.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Upcoming Litter Plans at Northrock Barbets

Summer 2020


   The interest list for a puppy from this litter is full.

Jack x Marie
GCH Treebeard's Jack of All Trades x CH Northrock's Forever Yours CGN

This litter is co-bred with Susan Luyendyk and the puppies will be born and raised at her country home which is located east of Toronto.  The dam of the litter is Susan's wonderful girl Marie (CH Northrock's Forever Yours CGN) and you can read more about her on her page.  The sire of the litter is GCH Treebeard's Jack of All Trades.  A healthy, handsome and good natured Barbet who is a big teddybear of a dog. Much gratitude to his owners Janet Black Evans and Brittany and Karsten Grolle for their support and co-operation in making this litter possible.  

Saturday, June 13, 2020

New Advanced Trick Dog Title for Northrock's Just 2 C U Smile!

Congratulations to Vilma and her Barbet, Milou (Northrock's Just 2 C U Smile). This week Milou earned his Advanced Trick Dog Title at Scholars in Collars Dog Training. To earn this title the dog must perform tricks all off-leash without any treats or toy lures. I'm so proud of the beautiful partnership these two haveđź’– They have such fun training together and I'm excited to see what they will achieve next.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Beginnings for the Beau x Rizzo Puppies

CH Hickory Tavern Fool For Brookberry CM 
CH Northrock's For The Joy Of It CGN 

And so a new adventure begins for each of the Beau and Rizzo puppies. They are such sweet-natured, pretty puppies with lovely personalities. They brought so much happiness into all of our lives and truly were a bright light during the difficult times that the world is facing.  

A big thank you to Beau's owners; Donna and Stephanie Forte and Judy Descutner for their support and friendship throughout.  Beau has certainly passed on his good looks to his offspring as these puppies are so homogenous it was truly a challenge at times telling them apart.  

Rizzo's co-owner and our dear friend Joy has also shared every step of this journey with us and what a good time we have had enJOYing these adorable puppies and watching them grow and mature. 

It has been an absolute joy sharing these last several weeks with the Happiness litter and now that they have gone to their new homes they are continuing to bring smiles to our faces when photos and updates are shared by their new owners.

I am pleased to introduce clockwise from the top right; Merry who now goes by Rey, Happy who is now called Carley, Giggles who is Belle and last but certainly not least is Jolly whose new name is Rosco.
Thank you to the wonderful families who have welcomed their Northrock puppy into their hearts and homes.  I know each of these special pups is already very much loved and cherished.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Beau x Rizzo Puppies: 8 Weeks Old

It was a fun filled week for the Happiness Litter.  The pups spent lots of time outside in the fresh air exploring the big yard as well as playing in the puppy pen. On warmer days they were able to fall asleep to the birds singing them lullabies.  

We had the puppies up on the grooming table many times during this week as we evaluated their structure and acclimated them to being up high and examined so they would be better able to handle their first veterinary exam.

Large bones were a great treat that they enjoyed a few times this week.  

The puppies spent time with the other dogs in our home and here they are with Summer who has always been an excellent "auntie" to our litters.

 I hope that following the development of this litter will bring you all much happiness. I invite you to like our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page where photos and videos will be posted on a regular basis for you to enJOY.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Beau x Rizzo Puppies: 7 Weeks Old

The pups enjoyed another happy week here at Northrock with lots of play outside and exploring different rooms in the house.  They love playing with the equipment in their pens and the upside down turtle pool lid and swing are new favourites. 

The items in their indoor pen continue to be rotated and they still really enjoy interacting with their adventure box. 
We continue to play lots of different sounds for the puppies and rotate the speaker around the room. The pups are also going outside regularly for lots of potty breaks.  In this video they are playing outside while our "invisible group of children" plays on the speaker in the background.
Rizzo is a patient mother to her puppies and continues to enjoy spending time with them.

Puppy socialization during COVID-19 has caused us to make some adjustments to our protocols.  We can't take the puppies to yoga classes or for coffee and tea visits and we certainly aren't able to have the regular stream of visitors come to our home.  Because we couldn't introduce them to new people, we did our best to change our own appearances.  We wore wigs, and costumes, masks and even put on different scents. Our entire family had fun playing dress up. The puppies didn't seem to skip a beat and everyone had fun.

 I hope that following the development of this litter will bring you all much happiness. I invite you to like our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page where photos and videos will be posted on a regular basis for you to enJOY.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Beau x Rizzo Puppies: 6 Weeks Old

"Tongue out Tuesday"

Every week it seems is a wonderful week with the puppies.  This is an especially fun age where they are active and engaging and enormously entertaining.
They have been exposed to different sounds that we play on a speaker for them but they have also been hearing outdoor noises coming through the windows and when they are spending time in their outdoor pen.  The weather has been quite nice so now they hear sounds of lawnmowers and other power tools, roofers and motorcycles...

Summer playing with the puppies.
The puppies also spent time with the other dogs in the house and that was very sweet to watch as they were quite gentle and patient with the little ones.

The pups are given new objects to investigate such as the musical mat which makes sounds when they step on the keyboard.

Another learning experience for the puppies! Here they are playing with the adventure box.  They become accustomed to objects bumping into them while they play and some of the objects are quite noisy so it helps them to associate these sounds with having fun.

I hope that following the development of this litter will bring you all much happiness. I invite you to like our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page where photos and videos will be posted on a regular basis for you to enJOY.