Thursday, August 3, 2017

Billy x Lexi Puppies 8 - 10 weeks

Our special time with the Billy x Lexi litter is coming to a close.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have lived with these little ones for their first nine to ten weeks.  I absolutely adore these puppies and their dam Lexi has done a wonderful job caring for them.

The past few weeks have included their temperament testing, structural evaluation, chiropractic appointment and veterinary visit.  They have had multiple car rides and visits alone and with their littermates to new environments and have made lots of new friends. 

A fun trip to a friend's house
Ballon fun on their 10 week birthday

Hermione was especially relaxed at the vets!
A special gift that came all the way from the Netherlands
from Billy (Nuphar's Everything Zen) for Lexi and their puppies.  

The weather has been really nice this past July and the puppies have spent a great deal of time outside. Playing with the toys in their outdoor pen, splashing in the pool and running around the backyard.  I am really happy with the promise that these puppies are showing.  They are typey, sound and have delightful personalities.  I have fallen deeply in love with them all!

Lexi and her family 
We are so thankful to Delia and her family for sharing Lexi with us.  She is a joy to be around and our time with her seemed to fly by.  Of course these puppies would not be here with out the cooperation of Billy's owner Olav van Schie and breeder Anne Plomp - it's been a team effort with beautiful results.  Thank you all.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Billy x Lexi Puppies 5 - 7 Weeks

We are truly having such a great time raising this litter of puppies.  They are an absolute delight!  Each of the pups have lovely personalities and we are pleased with what Billy x Lexi have produced as it is thus far a very uniform and typey Barbet litter.

During the past few weeks the puppies have continued to enjoy playing on the different environmental toys that are put in both their indoor and outdoor pens. One of their favourites is the tunnel which they enjoy running through and jumping on. In addition to using the potty box to eliminate in, they also make several trips outside to potty - good bathroom habits are well under way.  They have had many visitors over the last few weeks, delighting them with their antics and impressing them with their sweetness.  Car rides to new places have been uneventful with little to no noise from the little ones.  Their temperament testing is now complete as well. We are happy to say that they have taken every new experience in stride!  
The puppies eating outside at 5 weeks

They love the swing too!  6 weeks old.

Summer is a great playmate - 6 weeks

Ron - splashing in the water bowl at 5 weeks
With the weather being so warm there is often water for them to play with in their outdoor pen and they take full advantage of being able to wade and splash in it.  In fact they will resort to splashing in their drinking bowl if nothing else is available!

Backyard play at 7 weeks 

Frozen beef windpipes are greatly enjoyed
by the puppies at 7 weeks
Hermione with the bird wing - 7 weeks
Soon they will be departing for their new homes and we will treasure the remaining time we have with them while they are still in our care.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Billy x Lexi Puppies - 3 and 4 Weeks Old

The Billy x Lexi puppies are now four weeks old.  My how the time flies!  When they were three weeks old they made the big move to the downstairs puppy pen which is located in our dining room adjacent to the kitchen and living room.  The puppies are now right in the main part of our home and are exposed to all of the sights, sounds and smells that come along with family life.  

Their whelping box also moved downstairs with them and they would spend the night in the box but periods of time in the larger play space with lots of new toys to explore.  They were also introduced to the potty box and litter training is going very well.

Nap time with their big stuffed tiger
With the weather being so warm we are able to keep the windows open so in addition to classical music playing on the radio and the various different sound c.d.s, the puppies also hear the children playing in the school yard that backs onto our property,  announcements over the loudspeaker, the school bell, lawn mowers and power tools and the many other sounds of summer and neighbourhood life.  They have even experienced some pretty loud thunderstorms and slept right through them!
Hanging out in the "lower deck" of the puppy pen set up.
Over the next two weeks many visitors will be coming to help socialize the puppies and we enjoy these visits so much.  Lexi is pleased to show off her puppies and is quick to take advantage of the extra attention for herself as well.  

 Trips outside have also begun and the outdoor puppy pen will soon be filled with tunnels and step stools, wobble boards and many toys to further the enrichment of the puppies.  In the early days simply being out in the fresh air for "al fresco" meal times and cuddles with people offer further opportunities for sensory development with the feel of the breeze, the warm sun, the different surfaces to walk on and the many smells and sounds of the great outdoors.

Outside with momma Lexi

We are delighted with this lovely trio of puppies.  They are a constant source of joy for our entire family.

Please visit our Facebook Page Northrock Barbets for frequent video and photo updates of the Billy x Lexi pups.  We will also be providing updates via the blog, just not as often. 

Northrock's Black Seal CGN "Josie" - New Canine Good Neighbour

I am delighted to share that this past Sunday Josie earned her Canine Good Neighbour title.  Josie's owners, Brian and JoAnne have given her such a wonderful home and I couldn't be happier.  Together Josie and Brian are actively training in rally-obedience and I look forward to seeing what they will get up to next!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer - Therapy Dog with Therapeutic Paws of Canada

UR01 UCH Nuphar's Soak Up The Sun PCD RN CGN
Earlier this year Summer became a therapy dog with the organization Therapeutic Paws of Canada.  "Therapeutic Paws of Canada is a non-profit organization of volunteers providing animal resources for human needs (physical, mental, educational, motivational, socialization) through regular visits to hospitals, residences, schools, etc."

I'm happy for the opportunity to volunteer in my community with such a wonderful organization.  Summer enjoys all of the attention she receives and we both leave our visits feeling good. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Billy x Lexi Litter - Two Weeks Old

The End of the Neo-Natal Period (1-14 days)

Lexi and her pups - May 25
Harry - One Week
So much has happened concerning the growth and development of the Billy and Lexi puppies during the last two weeks.

Hermione - One Week
Ron - One Week
At birth the puppies are completely dependent on their dam.  Their eyes and ears are not yet open and Lexi is responsible not just for feeding them, but also for helping them to eliminate.  The puppies can crawl around in the whelping box and will gravitate towards their mother's warmth seeking out a source of heat and nourishment.  It's important that they have access to a heat source as they cannot regulate their own temperature and could easily become chilled.  Preferably, this is their mother's body and Lexi spends all her time in the whelping box except to leave for potty breaks.  During the first week she would not even leave the box to eat or drink and so I would bring her water several times a day and all of her meals to the box.

Breakfast in bed for Lexi on May 28
When she is not in the box with them I  provide an additional source of heat for the puppies and it's amazing how they will move towards it as needed and if they are feeling too warm they will likewise move off of it.
Ron, Hermione and Harry - June 3
Now that the puppies are two weeks old they are much more mobile, even getting up on their legs and toddling about.  Their eyes and ears have opened and they are gaining well.  Lexi spends more time out of the box but is quick to hop back in throughout the day - she is a very attentive mother.


These early days with the puppies are precious and the time passes so quickly.  Soon we will be getting ready to move to a bigger pen and introducing the puppies to more enriching stimuli.  We are looking forward to the weeks ahead.
Harry - Two weeks
Hermione - Two weeks

Ron - Two weeks
Please visit our Facebook Page Northrock Barbets for frequent video and photo updates of the Billy x Lexi pups.  We will also be providing updates via the blog, just not as often.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Northrock's "G" Litter - Welcoming the Billy x Lexi Litter

We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of the
Billy x Lexi puppies born May 23rd, 2017.

Dutch CH Nuphar's Everything Zen x BPIS CH Northrock's Eureka CGN

It is with a happy heart that I share the news that the Billy x Lexi litter has been born. On May 23rd Lexi whelped three beautiful Barbets, two males and one female. Mom and pups are doing well and we are looking forward to lots of fun with this crew in the days and weeks ahead. 

Many thanks to Delia Bucknell, Olaf van Schie and Anne Plomp without whom this litter would not have been possible.
Lexi is co-owned with Delia Bucknell and myself.  Here she is on May 10th enjoying the spring sunshine.

Billy - Owned by Olaf van Schie and bred by Anne Plomp

First photo of one of the Billy x Lexi pups

Listening to puppy heartbeats with the doppler. Music to my ears.

Lexi - May 21.  Lots of sleeping and resting.

Lexi was very accommodating and waited to deliver her puppies until Nellemarie Hyde my dear friend and whelper helper returned to the city from her weekend away up north.  Lexi is proving to be a great first time mum, keeping her puppies content, clean and very well fed.  With lots of space at the milk bar, the puppies already weighed over a pound by the time they were three days old.

                    Ron       born at  1:24 pm 11.5 oz - Black
                    Hermione   born at  2:19 pm         13.2 oz - Black
                    Harry      born at  2:41 pm         10.3 oz - Black

Please visit our Facebook Page Northrock Barbets for frequent video and photo updates of the Billy x Lexi pups.  We will also be providing updates via the blog, just not as often.