Friday, November 20, 2020

Jack x Edie Litter: Week Eight / Nine and Heading off to Their New Homes

This is always an incredibly busy week with a litter of puppies.  Temperament testing, long car rides, structural evaluations and adventures!  Thank you to Susan And Erik Luyendyk for all your help and support on evaluation day. 

At this age the pups have truly become "little dogs". They bark and play and yip and run and do everything with great enthusiasm! In our home we refer to this as the week that's all about containment and entertainment for the puppies!

We focus on giving them fun experiences and were thankful for the very nice weather we had which allowed them to spend many hours outside playing in the fresh air and sunshine.

Novelty is important at this age so we rotate their toys, let them explore different areas in the home and give them the opportunity to experience new sounds, smells, textures, footing etc.  

The puppies have very few accidents and with many trips outside throughout the day they are well on their way to being housebroken by the time they are ready to leave the nest. 

The evening before then went home the puppies all had baths and for the most part they handled the experience quite well. The one part that I always enjoy is the snuggle and cuddle time afterwards when I get to spend all that lovely one on one time with each puppy while they are being dried off.

The go home bags for the puppies are prepared and filled with a blanket and snuggle buddy that has the scent of their litter mates, along with some treats and toys and  information about caring for their new puppy.

It's a bittersweet time knowing that they will soon be departing for their new homes and that our time with them is at an end. We have enjoyed this litter so very much.

They are all such good puppies with sweet and loving temperaments and I look forward to hearing about all of their new adventures with the families that have welcomed them into their hearts and homes. Thank you all for welcoming one of these precious puppies into your hearts and homes.

It is my pleasure to introduce the puppies with their new names, from top left to bottom right: 

Louis: Northrock's Ollie called Ollie
Hugo: Northrock's One Love called Raffi
Belle: Northrock's Once Upon A Time called Belle
Gaston: Northrock's On Cloud Nine called Finnegan
Eloise: Northrock's One In A Million called Ellie
Camille: Northrock's Oh La La called Lola
Claude: Northrock's On Top Of The World called Hugo 
Adele: Northrock's Overture At Rosebush Springs called Molly
Pascal: Northrock's Olympian called Apollo