Monday, December 14, 2020

The Oscar x Gracie Puppies: Week Seven


The puppies are doing so well!  Lots of time spent outside playing and so many new experiences indoors.  It's a busy time with them and we are definitely going to miss this litter when they go to their new homes later this month.

One of their favourite activities was exploring the loud noisy tarp and hunting for treats on it. 

We are often up before the sunrise and Gracie is eager to nurse her puppies first thing in the morning.  These puppies have no qualms about running outside in the dark to nurse and to potty. While they are otherwise occupied outside, it gives me a chance to get breakfast organized for this large crew.

They sure love their food and we have fed them in different rooms of the house.  

Between Gracie and her puppies we are feeding several pounds of food a day.  It is quite a production. The dogs are thriving and enjoy their meals meals immensely.

The puppies get to explore different areas in the house which they like. Summer is a wonderful "nanny" dog to the puppies and is happy to entertain the little ones.

Sitting nicely for treats

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