Monday, December 7, 2020

The Oscar x Gracie Puppies: Week Six

We had such a great week with the Oscar and Gracie litter. This is always such a delightful age with the puppies as they continue to develop and explore their environment.  When they are awake they are full of curiosity and busy playing, chewing, climbing, running and entertaining us. 

We continue to introduce them to novel experiences such as the musical mat. They would walk over it and it would make noises that would initially startle the puppies. Very quickly they realized it was no big deal at all and that the noises were nothing to be concerned about.

When they get sleepy, oh my goodness they are just the sweetest, cuddliest little bobos and it's hard to tear ourselves away from them.  

We had snow this week which was fun for the puppies too. Just like young children they enjoyed eating the snow and jumping in it!

Gracie is such a wonderful mother to her puppies.  She continues to nurse them and is patient and playful with her little ones.  I think she particularly likes this age even though the puppies now have teeth because they will happily engage with her, initiating games and tugging on the long hair on her ears and beard.  

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