Monday, November 30, 2020

The Oscar x Gracie Puppies: Week Five

This has been an amazing week with the puppies.  They are really becoming little dogs and their coordination and interest and engagement with their environment has increased tremendously. We've had a great deal of fun introducing the puppies to new objects like the tunnel and their adventure box.

Some Adventure Box fun for these four week old puppies!

The puppies are getting better at eating and meal time is becoming cleaner and a bit faster. They do enjoy their solid food and still nurse from Gracie several times a day.

They have a smaller space for long nap times and overnight but during the day they play in the larger pen and have had excursions to other rooms in the house such as the kitchen.  Here they are eating one of their meals.

The puppies also have started going outside.  We had a few warmer days and took advantage of the weather to begin this next stage in acclimating the pups to the outdoors. The experiences were brief but very positive and it won't be long before these pups will be able to stay out for longer and longer periods and begin going outdoor multiple times a day, even in the colder, snowy weather.

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