Monday, September 6, 2010

Air Show

Yesterday we went downtown to visit my Aunt who lives in High Park.   The air show at the CNE was on  and you can watch the planes from her balcony.  We brought the kids and Sophie.  Sophie took the elevator in stride and was absolutely fine being up so far (16th floor).  We figured the noise of the planes would be really good for her.  No one wants a dog (especially a gundog) who is afraid of loud noises.  She was great and when the big jets flew by she got a piece of cheese :0)  She really is a super good dog.  It wasn't long before she flopped down and just lay off while we had our visit.  The children got birthday presents from Tante Sylvia and we sat and drank tea and ate biscuits while watching the show.  Now that folks is the way to do it!

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