Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Wet Water Dog is a Happy Water Dog!

We went to the cottage again for the civic holiday long weekend.  The weather was perfect and we did a lot of swimming.  Sophie was as usual a part of it all.  She really likes the boat rides - I think she likes the feel of the wind in her coat.  She is getting good at jumping off the boat and into the water when we stop for a swim. 

If you are wondering where our other dog was...Quincy stayed home with Daphne our cat.  I am grateful that my mom is there to look after them.  Quincy gets lots of attention and walks while we are gone.  I would like to be able to bring him with us but after our experience cottaging with him last year we have decided it is best for him to stay home.  The whinning and screaming that he does when we all go out in the water to swim is truly horrible.  Even when he is out in the water with us he is still noisy.  Also none of us want to deal with him barking at passing kayakers and fisherman *sigh*.  Sorry Quince....we love you but we do not love your noise :0(    

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