Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In the Womb…Sophie’s pregnancy and the rest of the gang.

I have been remiss about posting to the blog as I tend to post more regularly to my facebook page Northrock Barbets .  However, here I am and here is the latest news from Northrock…

I am very pleased to say that Sophie is confirmed pregnant by palpation.  At 6 weeks along (42 days) she is beginning to look a little bit bigger, her abdomen is firmer and her nipples are enlarged.  Although, to the casual observer you would really be hard pressed to tell she was pregnant.  Depending on the number of puppies she is carrying, she will become noticeably larger in the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy.  Click here to view a Dog Embryo / Fetal Development Calendar that lays it all out.  We are getting more and more excited as her due date approaches.  Her first breeding with CH Chmurnik z Górki Podduchownej CGN took place on February 20th and we are expecting puppies on April 24th.  

Dog Embryo 39 Days
Photo credit: National Geographic
If you would like a glimpse into the canine womb to see what exactly is going on, National Geographic has created an incredible video called “In the Womb: Dogs”.  It is a fascinating documentary about the fetal development of 3 different breeds.  If you ever get the chance to watch it I highly recommend it.  Here is a little teaser.
To view more of this documentary check out these links:

In other news, Kelly turns 8 months old tomorrow and her puppyhood is flying by.  She is a very funny dog with a definite mischievous streak! We are enjoying her immensely.

Good ol’ Quincy is very much loved and somewhat spoiled… he is the only one of the dogs allowed up on the furniture. He has quite decidedly taken over the living room chair and it has become an evening ritual for our daughter to spend time reading to him before she heads up to bed.

Daphne is well… Daphne is special.  Like most cats she knows what she wants when she wants it and doesn’t hesitate to let us know.  She has become quite demanding in asking for her evening meal and is always trying to bump up the time from her 5 o’clock feeding to more like 4 o’clock.  That is unless she somehow forgets to wake up from her afternoon nap and sleeps late.

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