Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Weeks Old Today for the Fab Five

It's been a truly delightful week with the Fab Five.  Watching Sophie playing with her puppies brings joy to my heart.  It's so sweet to watch her play bow and try to engage them in a game.  The puppies swat at, grab and pull on her coat and ears and tail and she has infinite patience with them.  I have logged endless hours just watching the puppies play with each other and interact with the various items in their pen.  They are growing so quickly that changes truly are apparent from one day to the next.

Socialization is really important and so the pups have had visitors on almost a daily basis.  Both the big dogs and the puppies are enjoying all of the extra attention.

Mealtimes are enjoyed by the Fab Five with great gusto as they tuck into their slurries of ground meat and bones with goats milk.  Their teeth have erupted and they also have been given the opportunity to rip and tear into larger meaty bones.

Their jaw strength is increasing by leaps and bounds and soon it will be quite dangerous to wade amongst the pupsters with bare toes and stocking feet exposed.

This past week the pups explored the great outdoors.  You could just see their little nostrils opening wide to let in all the wondrous smells of the grass and earth beneath their paws.  The coming weeks are going to be lots of fun with these guys.

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