Monday, September 16, 2013

Upcoming Litter: Obie x Mona

We are very excited about our upcoming litter here at Northrock.  Mona has been bred to Obie and she is expecting puppies the first week of October.  Details about the breeding can be found on our website.  Mona is such a sweet Barbet and her pregnancy is going well.  Pregnancy was confirmed by palpation at the end of August and the positive palpation combined with other signs that Mona has been exhibiting  (an increase in lazy behaviour, her nipples are pinking up and getting larger and she had experienced morning sickness) all point to pregnancy. 

Photo credit: National Geographic, fetus at 39 days

Here is a link to a past post that has some information about how puppies develop when they are still inside their dam.
If you would like a further glimpse into the canine womb to see what exactly is going on, National Geographic has created an incredible video called “In the Womb: Dogs”.  It is a fascinating documentary about the fetal development of 3 different breeds.  If you ever get the chance to watch it I highly recommend it.  Here is a little teaser. 
To view more of this documentary check out these links:
Mona - Day 47
We are very much looking forward to meeting these Obie x Mona pups.  Obie is a really nice Barbet and together with Obie's owners Paul Hunter and Chris and Ula Pepper of Nappyroots Reg'd we are counting down the days until these precious puppies arrive!

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