Friday, February 21, 2014

Oreo x Sophie Puppies - 2 Weeks Old

Lily - Feb 21

Violet - Feb 21

Rose - Feb 21
The pups have spent lots of time nursing and sleeping this past week.  They have become increasingly mobile as they moved closer to their two week birthday and today they were up on all fours moving about.  They are still very wobbly but they're up!  Here is a video taken today of the three sleepy girlies.

Their eyes are all open now.  Lily was the last of the three to open her peepers this morning.  Their ears are beginning to open as well.  During the period when their eyes are opening we keep the lights dim in the room.  We also have the television on and the shifting light that it emits creates a visual stimulation for the puppies.  We play music throughout the day, usually classical which offers further stimulation for the pups' developing brains and we have introduced some soft toys into the whelping box for the puppies to crawl over and around.

We are still continuing with the Bio Sensor and Early Scent Introduction which will wrap up in the next few days. 

It is a sweet time for mom Sophie and her puppies. The little ones have certainly received lots of love and cuddles in their first two weeks and we are looking forward to helping them grow into the best little Barbets that they can be.

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