Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oreo x Sophie Litter Update - 6 Weeks Old

Socialization Period (5-16 weeks) and the Curiosity Period (5 -7 weeks) 

It’s been a busy time for the puppies here at Northrock.  The last two weeks have seen many changes in development for Oreo x Sophie’s little girls.  Their pen has expanded and the whelping box has been packed away.  There are lots of interesting things for the puppies to explore in their pen.  Mirrors, stools, toys, hanging objects, a pool filled with balls, a tunnel etc....  They are certainly enjoying their new space!

The pups have been taken outside for several excursions.  

They have mingled with the big dogs and hung out with our cat.  They have also had the opportunity to explore different rooms in the house.

“The more chances a puppy has to be properly exposed to something new during the critical socialization periods, the less bothered it will be throughout the rest of its life when confronted by other new or frightening things.” (Hastings and Rouse 2004:28)

The puppies still nurse from Sophie but they are also eating 3 meals a day that consist of ground meat and bone, organ meat, tripe and goats milk.  They are given raw meaty bones to gnaw on which helps to exercise their jaws, neck and shoulder muscles and ease their sore gums as their teeth continue to erupt.

The girls have all been given their first bath and blow dry this past week.  Here is a photo of Lily in the tub looking rather unimpressed with the experience.

Visitors continue to come over to help socialize the puppies and we welcome the opportunity to have the puppies meet an assortment of men and women and children of various ages. It’s been a great deal of fun helping Sophie to raise her three little girls.  Stay tuned for the next update of the Oreo x Sophie litter.

Hastings, P and E.A. Rouse, Editors. 2004. Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development. Oregon, Dogfolk Enterprises. 110p.

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