Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Next Chapter Begins for the Oreo x Sophie Puppies...

It's hard to believe how quickly the time has passed for the Oreo x Sophie puppies.  Their 8th week was a busy one with many visits.  They had their appointment with a canine chiropractor, structural evaluations and a check-up at the vets.  Last Friday they turned 9 weeks old and two of the girls have left for their new homes.  We are so happy about where these puppies have gone and we look forward to hearing stories of their many adventures with their new families.
Violet has gone to live with Glenna and Keith in Alberta.  Her registered name is Northrock's Dance With Me and she is now called "Lyric".  
Lyric - en route to her new home.
Lily now lives in Kingston, Ontario.  She shares her home with Julie and Jamie and their three wonderful children.  Lily is now Northrock's Dare to Dreem and she goes by the name Sadie. 
Sadie is a delight to her new family and is settling in well.

Rose is still with us and is now Northrock Diamond in the Ruff.  We are calling her Gemma as it seemed that when the litter disbanded we ought to change her litter name too.  Gemma is a joy and a blessing and she will remain with us for the time being.

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