Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Boomer x Ellie Puppies @ 1 Week

The Boomer and Ellie puppies had a great first week.  They are steadily gaining weight and are all over the one pound mark.  Ellie is a doing a fabulous job as a new mother and is gentle and patient with her puppies.  She has a very relaxed approach to motherhood.

The puppies are in the neonatal development period and will remain in this stage until they are 2 weeks old.  When they are born, puppies eyes and ears are closed and they are dependant on their dams for their survival.  They need their dam not only for food but also to stimulate them in order for them to eliminate. Puppies are also unable to regulate their own body temperature so they stay warm by snuggling up to their mother and litter mates.  

Early Neurological Stimulation & Early Scent Introduction exercises were started on day 3 and will continue until day 16.  These adorable puppies also receive a great deal of handling as it's difficult to stay out of the whelping box.  

The kids have come up with litter nick names for the puppies and have named them all after chocolate bars.  They are as follows:

Dark Blue Boy: Mr. Big
Light Blue Boy: Snickers
Green Boy: Oh Henry
Orange Boy: Rolo
Brown Boy: Hershey
Red Girl: Kit Kat
Pink Girl: Sweet Marie
Purple Girl: Baby Ruth

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