Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Rest in Peace Animal

Yesterday was a very sad day for us at Northrock.  We had to make the difficult decision to let one of the puppies go.  Animal had needed extra support from very early on and was having issues digesting food.  Although he was a happy and content little puppy, his growth rate was considerably stunted.  There is not very much that can be done for very young puppies but with the excellent guidance from our vets we provided as much supportive care for him as was possible.  

Unfortunately as the weeks unfolded it became more apparent that supportive care would not be enough for this little guy.  Sometimes a puppy does not form properly in utero and is not able to sustain life long-term outside of the womb.  It is the opinion of the veterinarians that Animal probably had a congenital condition that prevented him from thriving.

As a breeder I am committed to only placing puppies that are well and strong and healthy into their new homes.  I have loved Animal from the moment he was born and letting him go has been incredibly heartbreaking for me.  I will however gladly take the pain of loosing a puppy while he is under my care than to watch a family go through any struggle and sadness that could arise after they brought their puppy home.  As long as I know there could be even the slightest possibility that there could be any issues with a pup it will not be available for placement.  

Thankfully the remainder of the litter is doing very well and we are delighted with the progress they are making.  Our energy will be directed to continuing to offer them an optimal start in life by providing wholesome food, careful socialization and an enriching environment.  Lexi continues to be a fabulous mother to her pups and we are grateful for the time spent with her and her young ones.  It has been a blessing to sit quietly with her, a guest to her intimate bond with her puppies.  

Thank you for sharing our journey with us.  Our litters are chronicled on our Facebook Page and on this blog and we invite you to continue visit us there to watch the miracle of life unfold as the Mouss and Lexi puppies continue in their seventh week.  


  1. Such sad news! I can only agree with you that you did what was best for this sweet pup and for the families!

  2. Bless you. A hard decision, but the best for Animal as well. Raising puppies takes not only heart, but courage as well.