Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mouss x Lexi Puppies Leave the Nest

It's with mixed emotions that I write about sending the Mouss and Lexi puppies off to their new homes.  This litter has been filled with such joy and happiness and also deep sadness.  
Fozzie at nice weeks of age.
Earlier on we lost Animal and I wrote about his passing in a previous blog post. Fozzie was also a small little puppy and because of our experience with Animal we were watching him closely. We were concerned about his slow growth rate and had therefore decided that he would remain with us for further observation and to let him get bigger and stronger before even considering placing him. 

Unfortunately as time went on and he grew older, Fozzie was unable to digest his food properly.  His growth rate was much slower than what one would expect in a puppy his age.  Something was not right.  It was heartbreaking to watch him because this little guy had the most beautiful soul.  He was happy and playful, sweet and good natured.  He participated along with his litter mates in all of our activities and seemed to be comfortable and enjoying life.  Sadly during his ninth week he took a turn for the worse and we had to let him go.

I'm thankful to have known him and his brother and to have loved and cared for them for the short while that they were here with us.  I do take some comfort in believing that he and Animal are running free on the other side and I am grateful to them for the lessons they have taught me.  

The esteemed all breed conformation judge,  Bill Shelton of Coventry PWC fame who was recently awarded AKC Breeder of the Year for 2017 posted to his Facebook timeline on February 15th words that touched me deeply. 
"I’m particularly proud of the independent breeders of today as they know the relevance in weaving our dogs beauty, and general soundness with the genes of health cooperatively. Always realizing that as mammals they will never be completely without disease, rather it be genetic or congenital. But still tiredly working towards a happy healthier family pet of purpose.  I salute all the unsung hero’s who bring responsibility to each life they bring into this world."  - Bill Shelton
With every breeding I strive to produce Barbets that are sound in mind and body and I am committed to placing puppies that I feel confident are hale and hearty and ready to become new members of their respective families. 

Thankfully the remainder of the Mouss and Lexi puppies are thriving.  We are delighted with their personalities, and look forward to hearing about all of their adventures as they begin this next chapter with their new families.  I could not be happier with each of their new homes and am enjoying the updates and photos that their families send me.
Gonzo kept his litter name! He is formally known as Northrock's Hey Good Lookin' and living with David and Kyla and their children in Ontario.
Rowlf has become Northrock's Honey Badger with the call name Badger - He joined Shane and Estella's family in Southwestern Ontario.
Beaker is named after the jazz musician Louis Armstrong and is Northrock's Here for the Party - call name Louis.  The Kellys will have lots of fun with this puppy!
Scooter is a new buddy for his two girls and their parents and that's just what they have decided to call him. Buddy's registered name is Northrock's Heart of Gold.
Kermit's registered name is Northrock's Happy Paddler.  He travelled the furthest to his new home.  His owner flew in from Winnipeg to collect her puppy and Kermit, now Gus has gone to join Grace, Allison and Ed along with their other Barbet Lucy (Northrock's All About Lucy), who is also his great aunt.
Miss Piggy is now Ella or Ella Fitz as her young boy likes to call her.  Ella's registered name is Northrock's Hello Dolly and happily she lives not to far from me.
Camilla has gone to live with Matt and his wife Alexz and is now called Edie - Northrock's Homegrown Honey.  She's bringing lots of joy and smiles to her new family.

I hope you enjoyed the blog posts about Northrock's "H" litter.  Photos and stories of the Muppets, now in their new homes, as well as our other Barbets will be shared on a regular basis on the Facebook page Northrock Barbets

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