Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Polo x Gracie Puppies: Four Weeks Old

This past week was a big change for the Polo and Gracie puppies.  At the beginning of the week they made the move downstairs from the nursery to our main floor and they handled the transition really well.

This video shows the puppies and Gracie in the puppy pen which is where they will stay until it's time for them to leave for their new homes.  As the week progressed we saw the disappearance of the pee pads and the introduction of potty boxes with litter substrate. We use Yesterdays News cat litter (soft non-toxic pellets made out of  recycled paper).

We've introduced more toys for the puppies to interact with which they are engaging with more and more each day.

And what's been lots of fun is that we have opened our home to many visitors for the puppies to meet.

This week the puppies also spent time outside of their smaller pen and they are getting to interact with the other dogs as well 💖

Here are individual photo collages of each of the puppies taken on Jan 5 when they turned four weeks old. 

If you would like to follow the progress of this litter please like our Facebook Page where more frequent updates, photos and videos will be posted.

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