Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Polo x Gracie Puppies: Six Weeks Old

What a week it's been!  The pups are growing seemingly overnight and now collectively weigh more than  seventy pounds.  They are eating solids four times a day and still continue to nurse from Gracie who enjoys being with her puppies.   She especially loves playing with their soft puppy toys and will try to sneak them out of their pen to enjoy for herself LOL

This week the pups experienced the ball pool which they thought was a lot of fun.  It makes noise when they are in there and the balls roll all over the place.  Their teeth are coming through more and more each day and it's getting to the days where you enter the puppy pen at your own peril.  Human toes and pant legs are definitely at risk during this stage. 

They like sleeping in the crate that's in their pen.  Often more than one of the puppies can be found piled in there all cozied up for sleep.
This week the pups also had the opportunity to go outside and are enjoying the expanded space to play and run in the fresh air. 

Visitors continue to come over and we are always thankful to them for sharing their time with us. Some are the new homes that the puppies will be going to live with and others are homes that already have puppies from Northrock Barbets but are looking for a puppy fix and happy to help us socialize the little ones to new people.

If you would like to follow the progress of this litter please like our Facebook Page where more frequent updates, photos and videos will be posted.

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