Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Beau x Rizzo Puppies: 6 Weeks Old

"Tongue out Tuesday"

Every week it seems is a wonderful week with the puppies.  This is an especially fun age where they are active and engaging and enormously entertaining.
They have been exposed to different sounds that we play on a speaker for them but they have also been hearing outdoor noises coming through the windows and when they are spending time in their outdoor pen.  The weather has been quite nice so now they hear sounds of lawnmowers and other power tools, roofers and motorcycles...

Summer playing with the puppies.
The puppies also spent time with the other dogs in the house and that was very sweet to watch as they were quite gentle and patient with the little ones.

The pups are given new objects to investigate such as the musical mat which makes sounds when they step on the keyboard.

Another learning experience for the puppies! Here they are playing with the adventure box.  They become accustomed to objects bumping into them while they play and some of the objects are quite noisy so it helps them to associate these sounds with having fun.

I hope that following the development of this litter will bring you all much happiness. I invite you to like our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page where photos and videos will be posted on a regular basis for you to enJOY.

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