Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pupdate: The End of the Second Awareness / Identification Week (28 – 35 days)

It has been a busy week here for the Coco and Dougy puppies.  Our Northrock “A” Litter has done a lot of growing over the last several days with all of the puppies now weighing over 5 pounds and some of them crossing over into the 6 pound range.   They’ve got sharp little teeth and they are learning how to use them!  I now venture into the puppy pen with socks on my feet.
 4 and 1/2 weeks old.
The puppies make a wide range of vocalizations from wimpers to yips to little puppy growls.  They are also much more agile and are able to climb up onto the stools and the overturned bin.  They are much quicker on their feet and it's fun to watch them when they really get going.  I’m pleased to say the litter training is going very well.  We’ve expanded their litter area and they now have a large 2’ x 4’ pan in which to do their business.  They haven’t made any poops in their whelping box for days now and although we do sometimes get a poop outside of the litter box it is not very frequent so I’d say for puppies that have just turned 5 weeks old this is a good success rate. 

The puppy pen at 4 1/2 weeks (day 32).
We’ve gradually been making their puppy pen larger not wanting to give them too much space too quickly so as to keep them using their litter area.  Now the pen is almost 9’ x 9’ which is a decent size for them to romp around in. We may get a few more pees and poops outside the box with the larger space but they are very smart puppies and I think they will adjust well.  New toys are regularly added and they are enjoying the cat tunnel. 

Puppy pen - day 35.

We’ve continued to have people over to visit with the puppies and we’ve begun taking the puppies outside for some fresh air.  In addition to some of the families that will be adopting puppies we’ve also had several visits from friends and neighbours which is so nice. 

Here are a few videos from the past week:
Day 32
Day 35
Day 35

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