Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Socialization and Curiosity Period – 5 to 6 weeks.

Today the puppies turned 6 weeks old.  They have grown enormously during the past week.  At the weigh in today we had two puppies over 8 pounds, 7 puppies over 7 pounds and two puppies over 6 ½ pounds.  They are certainly an armful! 
The socialization of these puppies is in full swing.  At this point we regularly have repeat visitors which are always lovely but the introduction of new people to the puppies has also continued.  It’s very important that the puppies have as many positive interactions with strangers as possible during this critical period.  They need to “habituate” to all sorts of people.  I want these puppies to be happy to meet anyone regardless of how they look, move or sound.  Needless to say it’s pretty busy at our house.
In addition to socialization to people the puppies have continued to have exposure to various different noises.  They are spending time outside each day and this week they heard the loud sounds of the lawnmower, power tools, school bells ringing and noisy children playing outside at recess.  Having neighbours doing renovation work and backing onto to an elementary school have been a real bonus!  These puppies are learning not to be concerned by loud sounds.  They merrily continue doing what they were doing when the noise starts up, whether this is playing or sleeping or eating.  It’s no big deal to these pups.

New toys are regularly introduced to the puppies.  They enjoyed splashing in the baby pool, playing on their balance board and the skateboard and rolling, tugging and carrying around the various smaller toys.  It’s fun to watch them explore their environment.  Of course at this age garden pots, leaves and twigs are also fascinating toys! 

They spend time with the big dogs each day too and together Coco, Sophie and Quincy are helping to teach the puppies important dog-dog social skills.
The pups are having regular time up on the grooming table and are getting used to being combed and brushed and having their ears, feet and mouths examined. 
The week ended with the pups turning 6 weeks old. With the help of my friends Chris and Sandra we were able to get stacked side and front photos of the puppies.  Not an easy task and I am very thankful to them for their help!
The A-Team Boys

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