Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pupdate: Socialization Continues… (Week 6)

The pups have had a wonderful 6th week full of new experiences and lots of love and affection.

Our weekly weigh-in puts the pups collectively over 100 pounds.   Wow no wonder I’m going through so much food!
Mr. Yellow enjoys lunch al fresco
Here at Northrock we believe in giving our puppies the best start in life that we can.  This includes; feeding a nutritious species appropriate diet, giving the puppies lots of access to fresh air and sunshine, positive interaction with the older dogs, new toys to stimulate them and lots and lots of socialization to people.  It is imperative that our puppy families continue to socialize their puppies once they go home but it’s my job as a breeder to get them started while they are here. 

Our family feels strongly that the socialization that occurs when the puppy is under 13 weeks old is so critical that in our home we go out of our way to give our pups careful and positive exposure to the many things they could possibly encounter in their adult lives. 

Exposing the puppies to a wide range of people continued this week with lots of wonderful visits from neighbours and friends as well as the puppies new families. 

Daily interaction with the adult dogs that live in our home has been beautiful to watch.  Here is a video clip of two of the puppies playing with Coco and Sophie from earlier in the week.
Mr. White and Mr. Brown - first car ride
Exposing the puppies to a range of environments is in full swing this week with puppies going in groups of 2 for car rides where they got to ride in a kennel and drive around for a while then arrive at a new place for a visit.  Big thanks to all our friends and family who are opening up their homes for us to come and visit.

Miss. Purple and Mr. Gray play tug of war in Oma's kitchen
New experiences in different environments are said to help the puppies grow up to be dogs that are comfortable with changes such as visiting friends, going on vacations etc.

Miss. Red has a spaw day
The puppies experienced their first bath and blow dry sessions this week and lots of grooming and handling. 
The Coco and Dougy puppies are a complete delight.  They are learning to come when called, to potty in the right place, proper bite inhibition and good chew toy habits and they are picked up and held several times a day.  It’s impossible not to cuddle them as they are simply adorable.

The Canadian Kennel Club’s  Barbet breed standard denotes that a Barbet should be of “even temperament, neither aggressive nor nervous, tractable, very devoted to his master, good mixer”...  By socializing the puppies now while they are so young we hope to help them continue to be the friendly, confident, companionable and sociable dogs that the breed is known to be.

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