Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Coco x Dougy Puppies Visit the Farm

Today I celebrated the puppies 8th week anniversary with a field trip to the farm.  The past week with the pups has been fantastic and I will post a pupdate recapping their 7th week soon.  But for now, I am grinning from ear to ear and so very happy about our day and how much fun the puppies had...

I had the most wonderful day today with the Coco x Dougy puppies.  I am still smiling.  They are the most incredibly special puppies.  We went to visit a friend’s farm that’s about an hour away from home but with traffic it ended up being an hour and a half long car ride.  People thought I was crazy to attempt it with 11 - 8 week old puppies but we did it!  They were really, really good.  Someone cried for the first 15 minutes (I have no idea who it was), then everyone just settled in for the drive.  When we got there and let everyone out they made their pees on the grass and all was well!  Tails up and wagging and happy as clams.  No one soiled their crates, no big throw ups!  Woo hoo!  These puppies are soooo good :0) 
Huge thanks to Helle for inviting us to visit and for her and Shannon’s help taking these guys on nature walks, introducing them to the chukars and pheasant and even the resident chickens.

I had to run some errands on the way home so the puppies were in the car for a long 2 hour drive back.  I didn’t hear a peep out of them and with all the activity and fresh air they slept like little angels for the whole ride home.  Once we got home they went straight into the outdoor pen and made their pees!  No mess in any of the crates… they are superstars, every last one of them!


  1. I love them!!! So glad I got to spend some time with them ;o)

  2. Wow Stephanie you amaze me with all the wonderful things you do with the puppies!