Saturday, February 8, 2014

Northrock's "D" Litter has Arrived!

Please join me in welcoming the Oreo x Sophie puppies to the world.  We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this litter and are delighted to introduce Northrock's "little flowers":

Sophie started into the first stage of labour on the evening of February 6th.  She spent the night in the whelping pool periodically nesting and resting up for the big event.  On February 7th around 5:30pm, hard contractions were noticeable and shortly thereafter she whelped her first puppy.  Sophie was calm and relaxed throughout and easily delivered each pup. Sadly her last puppy, a black girl was stillborn and despite our valiant efforts we were unable to revive her.  We like to think her little angel puppy is now watching over her litter sisters.

Introducing Northrock's little flowers:

Lily - born at 5:55pm - 11 3/4 oz (brown)
Violet - born at 7:07pm - 9 3/4 oz (black)
Rose - born at 8:01pm - 11 1/8 oz (black)

Sophie and her daughters are doing great.  The girls are strong and healthy and Sophie is wonderful mom.  Thank you to Oreo's owners Heath and Helen Kenyon of WulYmut Barbets and Janet Black Evans of Treebeard Barbets for helping to make this litter a possibility.  Thanks also to Nellemarie Hyde and my daughter Olivia for being such supportive whelper helpers!

Please visit our Facebook Page Northrock Barbets for frequent video and photo updates.  We will also be providing updates via the blog, just not as often.  

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