Monday, December 25, 2017

The Mouss x Lexi Puppies are Two Weeks Old

Merry Christmas from Lexi and the Muppets!

December 25th 2017
The puppies turned 2 weeks old on Saturday and Lexi and the Muppets continue to do well.  Gains have been steady and we have some puppies that are weighing in at over two pounds now.  It truly is amazing how quickly they grow.  All of the littles have opened their eyes and they are all up on their legs, toddling albeit somewhat unsteadily, around the whelping box.

We had some special visitors come to see the puppies last weekend.  Delia, Lexi's co-owner and her family arrived to snuggle with the puppies and complement Lexi on her new brood.  Lexi was as always delighted to show off her progeny and the boys were gentle and calm with the little ones.

A little glimpse into the whelping box.

 During the past week the puppies' eyes were opening so we kept the lights dim in the room.  We have the television on and the shifting light that it emits creates a visual stimulation for the puppies.  A video of a fireplace is often on the tv - the perfect background of soft flickering light.  We also play music throughout the day, usually classical although for this litter they have been exposed to an array of Christmas songs instead!  The music offers further stimulation for the pups' developing brains. 

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