Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Mouss x Lexi Puppies are One Week Old

Lexi and her puppies December 12
The puppies turned one week old today and all are doing well.  Lexi is a doting mother and seems to be quite pleased with her puppies. She is very good at making sure they are clean and content. The pups are still very dependant on Lexi, their eyes and ears have not yet opened and they are not yet able to regulate their own temperature so need her for warmth and nourishment.  

Puppy pile up - December 11
They are getting better at moving around the whelping box and spend all their time eating or sleeping.  We have begun doing Early Neurological Stimulation exercises with the puppies as well as Early Scent Introduction. I'm spending lots of time with mama Lexi and her litter and in my opinion, it is time well spent!  I find myself mesmerized as I watch these precious neonates breathing and nursing and I love the sweet cooing and chirping sounds that they make.  Here is a video from earlier in the week. 

The theme for this litter is The Muppet Show and the puppies have all been given names of Muppet characters.  

Black collar is Fozzie, Tan collar is Beaker,  Green collar is Kermit
Purple collar is Rowlf,   Blue collar is Gonzo,   Orange collar is Animal
Yellow collar is Scooter, Red collar is Camilla, Pink collar is Miss. Piggy

Frequent updates and photos are posted on our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page if you would like to follow the litter's progress please like our page and join us there!

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