Thursday, February 14, 2019

Pascal x Summer Puppies: Four Weeks Old

The fourth week, also known as the Awareness or Identification Period (21 - 28 days) was an exciting time for the puppies as they made the big move from the guest bedroom to the main floor of the house.  
Now their pen is set up in the room which would normally be our dining room (right next to the kitchen and living room) and they are exposed to the sounds, smells and sights of household life. 

Potty training continues to go well with the addition of potty boxes and pellets. 

We also let them gnaw and chew on some bones in preparation for the introduction of solid food next week.

The puppies are more mobile and quite good at getting around their space.  They engage with their dam and with one another in the form of play fighting and wrestling, mouthing and batting each other.  They are also making more vocalization and sounding and acting more like little dogs.

Our family is enjoying them immensely and they get lots of cuddles and handling throughout the day.
Summer continues her excellent mothering and nurses the puppies regularly though she is increasingly spending less time inside the pen, she can come and go to her puppies as she wishes.  

Frequent updates and photos are posted on our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page if you would like to follow the litter's progress.

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