Friday, February 8, 2019

Pascal x Summer Puppies: Three Weeks Old

Well another great week with the puppies is in the books.  Bert and Ernie have continued to develop on track.  Their eyes and ears are on board now and they are much better at moving about the whelping box.  It's been great fun watching them interact more and more with one another and with their dam as well as with the toys that have been added to their space.

 At the beginning of the week we introduced a designated potty area for the puppies in the form of pee pads.  By the end of the week they were using it very consistently and toddling over to the pads to pee when needed.  Soon we will move downstairs and will begin to add pellets to the pee pads, eventually replacing them with potty boxes filled with recycled newspaper pellets.

Here is a video of the puppies at 19 days old. 

We are enjoying these puppies enormously and are excited about getting to know their developing personalities in the weeks ahead.
Frequent updates and photos are posted on our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page if you would like to follow the litter's progress.

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