Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Mango x Marie Puppies Leave the Nest

Northrock's "K" Litter  
Born Oct. 8, 2019

GCH Courailee Roi de Thulé Mango x CKC / UKC CH Northrock's Forever Yours CGN

Time flies when you're having fun as the saying goes! How true. What started out as just a "dream"  the beginning of 2017, when a young Barbet, Sweet Marie entered our lives, came to fruition finishing off 2019 perfectly.

Marie and Mango have produced such a lovely, evenly matched litter that are happy and well adjusted youngsters. It has been a great pleasure handing them over to their owners and families to continue on their life's journey. Very delightful when we have updates and pictures of their progress and hear of how much they are loved. So very satisfying to see them becoming good, solid citizens.

It truly does take a village and so many names to mention and friends gained along the way, that I think it wise not to try in case I miss someone. The exception here will be to thank from the bottom of my heart Stephanie Dixon for her guidance and unfailing support along every step of this journey. Without it, we would still just have that "dream."

Erik, thank you so much for the many hours preparing in advance for and then helping me raise this litter. You have once again been a "jack of all trades" as you supported yet another adventure. 

Marie will continue on in 2020 with her Rally-Obedience work, Scent work and she is scheduled for Therapeutic Paws of Canada testing later in the summer. As I watch keeper pup, Pinkie grow, once again "it started as just a dream the end of 2019" comes to mind. Watch for Pinkie in the show ring spring/summer.

Over and out!

Susan Luyendyk and Sweet Marie

And now to present the Mango and Marie puppies, in order of departure;
Northrock's Kamloops Mister B (Butterball) went home to Prince George a couple weeks ago. Dave picked up this brown bundle of adorable puppy and flew him home with a stop over in Calgary where Mr. B charmed all in sight before he finished the long trek home to his waiting family. This gentle soul is in for the time of his life hiking and swimming during the summer and cross country skiing in winter with Annie and Dave and their family, lucky boy! Looking forward to seeing this little man grow over the years.

Northrock's Kindred Spirit (Pumpkin Pie aka MJ) was our second pup to leave the puppy pen. Our little "Kissy Face" girl with her sweet and gentle nature is now known as Stella. Mary and Dom are head over heels in love with little miss Bella Stella and we look forward to hearing of her life with grandkids, walks in the park and maybe even accompanying Dom on his photo shoots. 
Northrock's Khloe is Keeping it Real (Apple Crisp) was our third pup to leave for her family. This incredibly cheerful little sprite left with Michele and daughter Kate and Khloe hasn't looked back. Khloe's family are all thrilled to have her join their lives and spend time with each of them. Khloe's future involves barn visits to see the family horses, enjoying the great outdoors with all it has to offer and future performance competitions. Her mom, Sweet Marie is thrilled to know she may see her "kid" out there in the performance world at some point in the future. We can't wait to see Khloe progress!

Northrock's Knock Knock Who's There (Nutmeg) was puppy number four to exit to his forever home. Kash is one lucky boy as he gets to live with another Barbet, Chloe. Now, Chloe is still warming up to having to share her people with this rambunctious boy but, by the looks of it "King" Kash has definitely moved in! His new family are delighted with him. Hanging out with his sister and swimming in the family pool when the weather is suitable are the future for Kash. I expect we will see Kash often!

Northrock's Keep Calm Carry On (Maple Syrup) is one lucky little girl! Maple gets to live with this young family and be the dog they will all remember growing up. This affectionate youngster has won her entire family over with her gentle and soft ways. Maple's future sure looks busy as her  family include her in extracurricular activities that are likely to include walking, hiking and beach visiting in summer with snowshoeing in the winter. Young Isabella has agility in mind for Maple as a future activity and again mom, Sweet Marie looks forward to perhaps meeting up with another one of her "kids" in the performance ring....can't wait!

So, this brings us to puppy number 6. Erik and I are the lucky new owners of Northrock's Key to my Heart (Sweet Potato). Pinkie is staying here on the farm with her mom, Marie and her people. Confident, joyful, saucy and precocious all rolled into one, this bundle of energy has turned out to be a great fit for her mom. Already Marie is teaching Pinkie the tricks of the trade and we are now the proud owners of not one but, two Frisbee freaks. We start puppy classes in the new year and Pinkie along with her mom will be out in the show/performance world this coming spring and summer. Some fun times lie ahead for us in 2020. We are betting we may just run into Khloe and Maple somewhere on our travels, won't that be fun?

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