Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Polo x Gracie Puppies: Two Weeks Old

The Polo and Gracie puppies have just finished their second week of life.  They are still neonates, very unsteady on their legs, but the good traction of the whelping fleece is helping them to get up under themselves and motor about with increasing speed and ability.  At two weeks of age they are still unable to hear and their eyes are just beginning to open.  They can however taste and smell and are good at moving across the box to get to Gracie for food and warmth. 

Right now there really isn't a whole lot going on in the whelping box other than eating and sleeping.  Gracie is very patient with her pups as they climb over and around her seeking nourishment.  

There is a great deal of brain development happening and this video of one of the puppies (Cocoa) sleeping on my lap is a good example of active sleep.  You can see her body twitching and jerking.

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