Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Polo x Gracie Puppies: Three Weeks Old

It has been a great week for the Polo and Gracie puppies.  Everyone's eyes opened up and their hearing has come on-line.  Mind you they don't see very well yet but their vision will continue to develop over the coming weeks.  This week we introduced hanging objects and continue to rotate toys in the box for added sensory enrichment.

Gracie continues to be an excellent dam to her pups. She is very good at keeping the whelping box clean and the pups are content and gaining well.  She is feeding over 27 lbs of puppy!  Needless to say in order to keep up with the demand she needs to eat lots of food and has access to cool fresh water all the time.  
Every three days we trim the puppies nails so that they don't scratch Gracie.  It takes some time to get through all 162 of them but the puppies are good about it and it helps to tackle this task when they are dozing off with bellies full of milk. 

Playing with each other and with their mother along with the objects in their box has also begun.  I could sit and watch their interactions for hours.  The period of time that they are awake is getting longer and things are beginning to get really fun now!

Pee pads were added to the whelping box early in the week and the puppies are very good at going over to them to eliminate.  The above video was taken on December 26th.

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