Thursday, December 5, 2019

Waiting for Puppies...

Photos about a week and a half from her due date.
Gracie has done really well throughout her pregnancy. She's less than a week away from her expected whelping window and is resting and sleeping a lot. (Her BFF Summer is always happy to keep her company.) 

She's always been a good eater and thankfully that didn't change during this pregnancy.  Through most of her pregnancy right into her third trimester it felt as though I was feeding a hobbit with all of the meals I was preparing and serving up. 

However, this past Tuesday it is as though a switch flipped and she decided that now she is going to be picky.  So the last few days I've been hand feeding her and temping her with all sorts of different foods.  We're getting through it one meal at a time.  Sweet mama Gracie, you don't have much longer to go.

Gracie on December 3rd
Lately carrying her puppies has made Gracie feel quite warm. Although we spend time in the whelping room every day, the kitchen wall is still one of her favourite places to stretch out and rest. The wall and floor are quite cool in this spot which for her is absolutely perfect! Last weekend I was able to hear heartbeats and felt the pups move for the first time on Friday    Now you can really feel them rocking and rolling in there and if you watch closely you can even see them moving! I'm so looking forward to the arrival of these special puppies 
Gracie snuggling up with me for belly rubs on Dec. 2nd.
For more information about this upcoming litter please visit the 
Northrock Barbets website and follow our Facebook Page for more frequent updates and photos.

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