Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Polo x Gracie Puppies: Eight Weeks Old

You can really see the difference in the development of the puppies this week.  They do everything with gusto; run, bark, bite and play.  It's been a busy and rewarding week with these little ones.

We continued having visitors over which is always a delight and an entertainment for the puppies. 

The puppies were temperament tested this week and we're really please with the consistency we are seeing throughout the litter.  Gracie has decided that for the most part she is done with nursing her puppies but sometimes she surprises me and wants in with her puppies to nurse them.  We let our dams decide when and how often they want to nurse and let them wean their pups as they wish.  She is such a good mother and it's been wonderful watching her nurture and care for her puppies.

Keeping puppies this age entertained is not an easy task so we continue to offer them new items to explore such as the crinkly, noisy tarp and the bottle pool.
We always take off the paper labels, unscrew the caps and remove the rings that are left on the bottles before giving them to the puppies. It's a loud, noisy and crunching good time for the pups.  At this age the bottles don't last long as the puppies can crush them fairly easily so the bottles then go off to the recycling box when the pups are through with them.

The puppies' eighth week wrapped up with an Adventure Field Trip to the county.  We packed up the car with puppies travelling by twos in crates except for one puppy who travelled solo riding shotgun in a carrier and drove for over an hour to Erik and Susan Luyendyk's farm. They were very good for the long drive and once they got out of the car they had a grand time rip snorting around the property, stretching their legs and exploring all the new sights and smells.

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