Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Polo x Gracie Puppies: Nine Weeks Old and Leaving the Nest

Snuggle puppy and blankie slumber parties in the ninth week.
It's been a wonderful time raising these puppies from birth to nine weeks.  Our final week with these little ones has been a busy and rewarding time.  
Our routine of frequent trips outside to potty is paying off. They are going out in the rain, snow, sun or dark. First thing when I come down in the am, after waking from naps, after eating each meal and before bedtime for a final potty trip. I'm so proud of them!!!!
These potty trips are in addition to regular recess playtimes outside for longer periods of time (weather permitting). 

Blizzard fast asleep on the car ride home from the vet
Bath time for everyone!
The puppies had their structural evaluations and chiropractic exams and also a trip to the vet for a full check up.

And amidst all the preparations to ready them for their send-offs we were sure to spend some quality time with them before they left.  

A great vet check up for the Polo x Gracie puppies.
Playing in the outdoor yard.
It was without a doubt an emotional week for as much as these pups are ready to move on to the next stage I have grown quite attached to them and will miss their characters and presence in our home.  However, the families that are welcoming the Polo and Gracie pups are terrific and I'm excited for these puppies to be joining them.

Here are the wonderful pups 
and their equally wonderful families;
From top left to bottom right: 
Frosty: Northrock's Lucky Moustache called Moustache
Mittens: Northrock's Lucky Mylah called Mylah
Blizzard: Northrock's Life of the Party called Louie
Chilly: Northrock's Lion In Winter called Hugo (the elder)
Winter: Northrock's Live for Today called Sachem
Crystal: Northrock's Luminous Luna called Stella
Aspen: Northrock's Laughter Is Sunshine called Hugo (the younger)
Cider: Northrock's Let There Be Light called Odin
Cocoa: Northrock's Lorelei and she remains Cocoa

I wish you all the best as you embark on this next chapter and look forward to receiving the updates and photos of life with your new canine companion.  Thank you and welcome to the Northrock Family.

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