Friday, August 7, 2020

The Jack x Marie Litter - Week Two

Ongoing Saga of Northrock’s Beach Blanket Bingo litter – Week two

Friday August 7, 2020

Dear puppy pen diary,

Still neonates with specific needs, this crew has been fascinating to watch as they develop and you can start to see their own little personalities emerging. From Day 3 through to 16 we have been doing some Early Neurological Stimulation. Basically we introduce them to such stressors as having their feet tickled and being held in different positions. This crew does not like their sleep interrupted to have these exercises done and have made it very loud and clear to me in no uncertain terms just what their impressions are.

However, at the end of the above stimulating exercises is the Early Scent Introduction where I hold in front of their tiny little noses a new scent every day. This calms them almost immediately and cranky pants puppies become very keen and very much awake puppies. They have liked all the scents, were instantly drawn to the blue jay feather and then the coffee grinds. But, the best introduction to scent was meeting their sister P!nkie over the side of their pen.

Marie has let P!nkie into the whelping room all this week but never allowed her to get too close to the pups until just this Friday when she permitted these siblings to meet each other for the first time, even if for just a couple moments. P!nkie was delighted as were the pups at her fresh smell. I am sure many good times are ahead for this bunch.

The beginning through to mid-week eyes were opening and the room had the shade pulled down so as not to damage those wee puppy eyes. By the end of the week we had 14 little eyes gazing into the distance, everything is still out of focus of course but, this will improve over time. Those little ears are well on their way to hearing so maybe in just a few more short days they will begin to hear own barking….yup, they bark already.

Marie is doing well, eating like a horse and is slowly getting her fitness back. We have started to take her on “leashed” walks around the pond once a day. While on these walks P!nkie careens through the forest and crashes through the creek and Marie gazes wistfully at the fun she is having. Poor Marie would love nothing better than to take part in this adventure if it weren’t for that darned “leash.”

Week 3 starts with introducing puppy pee pads in the whelp box to encourage them to start keeping their house a little cleaner but it also is the first step to the use of puppy litter boxes which will be introduced in their fourth week.  This will be their last week up in the puppy whelp room as they will be in need of much more stimulation….much more!

And it just gets more fun every week! Oh and by the way, Lorelei is the first pup to graduate to her “big girl” collar from her puppy collar on her 14th day.

Catch you next week from the puppy pen. Over and out.

Susan, Sweet Marie and now P!nkie et al

These puppies all have special homes waiting for them. If you would like to follow the litter's progress please join us on Facebook and like our Northrock Barbets page to see frequent updates and photos. 

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