Friday, August 14, 2020

The Jack x Marie Litter - Week Three

Ongoing Saga of Northrock’s Beach Blanket Bingo litter – Week three

Friday August 14, 2020

Dear puppy pen diary,

So many new things this past week. Everyone’s eyes are fully functioning and in fact I found Lorelei one day growling at the Mickey Mouse toy that sits on the bedpost of her whelping box.

When I started laughing it startled her and she toppled over. Well that just confirmed all hearing is also functioning, they can sure hear their mom and sister when they are using their outside voices, haha. The pack also graduated to their wearing their big dog collars early in the week.

It’s a daily observation that this bunch are growing by the minute, just look at the whelping box pictures! It is definitely getting smaller by the day. Made even small after I started lining the one side with pee pads. They have been very successful with using these pee pads and by instinct make their way across the space and hopefully get there in time. They are pretty good already, encouraging for the introduction of their litter boxes next.

While they mostly spend a great deal of their days eating and sleeping you can find them playing with each other in that clumsy puppy way. Large soft toys and cat beds have been added to the whelping box to get them more coordinated and for stimulating their senses as they go over and under them.

The finale for this week was their move from the whelping room into the kitchen space so they can continue on their journey where there is a lot more action and noise. They have handled the move extremely well and are completely at ease in their new environment. A much larger space with lots of light and sunshine and of course fresh air. Although still in their whelping box for now, at the rate they are progressing they will be out of that in just a few more days ready to get exploring.

Who knows but maybe they will be outside for some recess play by the end of their 4th week? Time to get their playground all set up and ready to go.

Mom Marie is doing well, catering to her litters every whim and P!nkie is still enthralled with her siblings yet keeping a respectful distance….for now!

Til next week,

Susan, Sweet Marie, P!nkie et al

These puppies all have special homes waiting for them. If you would like to follow the litter's progress please join us on Facebook and like our Northrock Barbets page to see frequent updates and photos. 

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