Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meeting and Greeting with Mona the Barbet

"Mona" relaxing at the PawsWay

Yesterday Mona and I represented  Club Barbet Canada at the Purina PawsWay’s “Celebration of French Breeds” event in downtown Toronto’s Harbourfront.   The PawsWay is a wonderful pet friendly venue.  The public is welcome to stroll through the Purina Animal Hall of Fame and read the amazing stories and see photos of the pets and service animals that have been recognized as heros.  There is a reference area with books and materials on dog and cat care and crafts for children to do.  You’ll find a store selling pet products and what I really like, an indoor pet friendly cafĂ© where you can get something to eat and drink and sit at a table with your dog right beside you.  The indoor Pet Park at Toronto’s PawsWay is where they hold a variety of events and classes to educate and enlighten the public about responsible pet ownership. 

Club Barbet Canada was pleased to have been invited to participate in the Celebration of French Breeds and Mona was in her element meeting and greeting the public for hours on end.  She is such a happy and friendly girl and she loves attention.  Of all the people who walked through the doors no one had heard of a Barbet except for one lady and another woman who came through with her 11 week old Barbet puppy Merlow from RoVer Barbets!  That was a special treat for us as this adorable puppy is a nephew to Mona on her sire’s side. 
Since it was a beautiful day and we got there a little bit early we made sure we took a bit of time to walk around and enjoy the waterfront. If you are in ever in Toronto and looking for something to do with your dog, check out the Harbourfront area. It's lovely and very pet friendly.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Coco and Dougy…together…like a wink and a smile


This past week I travelled to Quebec to take Coco (CH Bayport Coco Chanel) to Dougy (FCC/Can CH Barbugaulois Daragon) to be bred.  She is so good to travel with and we had a really nice trip.  We had a wonderful visit with Dougy’s owners Bobby Souchereau and Sylvie Marlow and his breeder Michel Raymond.  I just love Dougy.   He is a strong healthy Barbet in great physical condition.  Not only has he proven himself in the show ring but Bobby and Sylvie take him everywhere with them and his temperament is fantastic.   I’m excited about the puppies that we could get from this combination.  

Now all there is to do is enjoy this summer weather with the dogs while we wait and pray for puppies.  It's cooling off a little right now so my daughter and I and Coco and Sophie are going to go for an evening walk to go watch my son's soccer practice.