Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winston x Sophie Pups Leave the Nest

It has been a busy last couple of weeks with the "E" litter.  The puppies have grown into inquisitive, happy, active, playful and friendly Barbet puppies and we couldn't be more pleased.
Eating lunch on the patio
We've been fortunate to have had a mild winter so far which lasted up until the pup's 9th week.  As a result the pups were able to spend lots of time playing outside.
Duke and Minx
Lady - helping with the laundry


Lady and Marie
We temperament tested the puppies last week and as always it was a great experience that gave us more information as to how the pups behaved in new situations.  It's also a great opportunity for the puppies to meet new people and try new things.

Structural Evaluations for the puppies also occurred last week.  It's a lovely consistent litter. They are nicely put together puppies and I'm pleased with what Winston and Sophie have produced together.  I look forward to seeing how these puppies mature. 

The litter was introduced to whole birds in the form of pigeons.  It's always nice to see them as babies doing what the breed had been developed to do.  The Barbet is a very old, and versatile French breed of water dog. One of it's functions was used to locate, flush and retrieve birds shot by his master, primarily waterfowl.

The puppies have all left the nest and have started the next chapter in their lives with their new families.  Here they are in order of departure with their new families;

Rogue now lives with Robyn and Craig. 
His registered name is Northrock's Evian and they call him Beau.

Duchess went to live with Delia and Matthew and their two boys.  
She's called Lexi - Northrock's Eureka

Duke now makes his home with Leonardo and Michael.  
He is Northrock's El Magnifico Theo and goes by Théodore.

Minx now lives with Lise and Les.  
Her new name is Ellie and her registered name is Northrock's Eau de Joy.

Lady is now Northrock's Elouisa Belle and her new family calls her Lulu. She lives with humans Sheila, David and Ethan and has a canine buddy Lincoln.

Saying bon voyage to these puppies was bittersweet. I enjoyed them so very much and will miss their happy wagging tails.  They have such lovely personalities and are such delightful little Barbets.  I have come to know their new owners and I know these pups will be deeply loved and well cared for.  I'm thankful for the new opportunities their families will give them and I look forward to updates that share with me how the chapters of their lives are unfolding.  Huge thanks to Winston's owners Denyse Rousseau, Isabelle Auger and Derek Duguay for helping to make this litter possible.