Thursday, May 22, 2014

Northrock's Athos Pascal

This blog post celebrates one of the puppies from the Northrock "A" litter.  Born on August 4, 2012 to FCC/Can CH Barbugaulois Daragon x CH Bayport Coco Chanel. 

Pascal was our Mr. Blue.  He was the firstborn puppy in the litter a litter of 11 with 5 more males and 5 females to follow.  

In October of that year Pascal went to live in Providence, Rhode Island with Maria and Josh.  They have given him a wonderful life and we are so thankful to them!  Pascal is a happy and social dog who gets lots of walks in their busy town.  He is a favourite among the shopkeepers and they often keep cookies to give to him when he comes in their stores to say hello.  Josh and Maria are often stopped while out on their walks and Pascal enjoys all of the attention he receives.  Josh often takes Pascal to work with him and everyone in the office enjoys when he comes to visit.

I put together this little video with a collection of photos and videos that Maria and Josh have been sending me in their update emails.  I hope you enjoy watching it.  For those of you that have Barbets of your own I'm sure you will identify.  His owners taught Pascal lots of tricks.  The Barbet is very intelligent and they love to learn new things!  Try teaching something new to your Barbet. You will be surprised at how quickly he or she picks up the new behaviour.  For those of you that do not have a Barbet but are curious as to what the breed is like I hope this small glimpse into Pascal's world will help to give you an idea.

Many thanks to Josh and Maria for all of the love and care they give to Pascal.  Cheers to many more adventures with this wonderful Barbet!!!