Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Farewell to the Fab Five!

Well as I sit down in my quiet house to type out this blog post I can’t help but feel a little sad about how quickly the last 10 weeks have gone by!  All of the Chmurnik x Sophie puppies have flown the coop and departed for their new lives.  I feel very blessed that they are with such wonderful families who are already doing such a great job with them.  It is definitely with mixed emotions that I write this send-off post.  My entire family really enjoyed having these little hooligans underfoot.  They were such a delight and a joy and I had such a fun time socializing them and getting to know their unique personalities. 

Now they are beginning a new chapter in their lives and it is with much happiness that I present in order of departure, the Fab Five and their new families.
Mr. Blue….Northrock’s Belvedere Sullivan “Sulley”
Sulley is now living in Texas and has taken the transition to a new country and climate all in stride!  Denis and Trey and their two boys James and Jack are delighted with their new addition.

Mr. Green …… Northrock’s Bodan Spartacus “Cooper”

Cooper has become the new companion of Bob and Anna.  Since he will be living close by in Mississauga I will happily get to visit with him from time to time!

Ms. Red …. Northrock’s Black Seal “Josie” 

Josie is also not very far away and she now makes her home in Milton where she has stolen the hearts of Brian and JoAnne.  
 Miss. Purple …. Northrock’s Beatrix de Beziers “Beazie”

Beazie has travelled to Rhode Island.  She’ll be living with her older housemate Charley, a Portuguese Water Dog.  Her new owners Mary and Paul are delighted that she has joined their family.
Miss. Orange …… Northrock’s Bella Sera “Dafny”
Dafny journeyed to New York State where she is now living happily with Paul, Licia and their son Aidan.   

 And so just like that they are gone, off on new adventures and bringing joy to their new families.  I will miss their silly little selves and I look forward to hearing all the updates about how they are doing in their new homes.  I am so grateful to the wonderful families who have welcomed these fabulous puppies into their hearts!

Sophie and her daughter Dafny shortly before Dafny departed with her new family.