Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coco's due date is fast approaching...

Today I took Coco to the vet for a puppy count x-ray.  She is 58 days from her first breeding on June 3rd (which also was very likely her ovultion date).  Coco will whelp her pups 63 days +/- day from the day she ovulated which was either June 3rd or 4th.  We like to do a pre-whelp x-ray so that we can check the number, size and position of the pups.  So far everything looks good.  How many pups can you see?

Here is a photo of Coco that was taken yesterday.  She is looking bigger that's for sure!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wet Water Dogs!

The dogs had a great time up north yesterday.  We took Mona and Sophie up to escape the city heat while Coco and Quincy stayed at home (with the air conditioning) and my Mom looked after them for us.  Olivia and I took the Barbets for a canoe ride.  The two girls fit in the canoe no problem.

It was an extra special day because it was the first time that Mona went swimming!  She did an awesome job.  We managed to get a video of one of her first swims :0)

This was also Mona's first time retrieving from the water and it was wonderful to see how naturally she took to it. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coco is Pregnant!

Today we took Coco for an ultrasound to confirm that she is in fact pregnant.  There have been signs, some subtle and some not so subtle.  She has been sleepier and even more of a shadow, following me around everywhere.  Her nipples have gotten bigger and she almost seems a little bit larger.  These signs could be attributed to my wishful thinking and could even be signs of a false pregnancy.  This past week however my normally not picky eater has developed obvious signs of morning sickness.  She hasn’t thrown up but she was not interested in eating, not even her favourite things.  By the evening her appetite would usually be back.  So when the vet asked me “do you think she is pregnant”  I was feeling pretty confident in saying “yes I sure do”.  I did want the ultrasound though,  it’s nice to know that things are going well and that there are little puppies growing inside of Coco.  It was a real thrill to see the little embryos on the screen. 

Here is a photo of one of her babies.  The black oval is the fluid filled sac and the white inside the sac is the puppy :0)