Saturday, May 27, 2017

Northrock's "G" Litter - Welcoming the Billy x Lexi Litter

We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of the
Billy x Lexi puppies born May 23rd, 2017.

Dutch CH Nuphar's Everything Zen x BPIS CH Northrock's Eureka CGN

It is with a happy heart that I share the news that the Billy x Lexi litter has been born. On May 23rd Lexi whelped three beautiful Barbets, two males and one female. Mom and pups are doing well and we are looking forward to lots of fun with this crew in the days and weeks ahead. 

Many thanks to Delia Bucknell, Olaf van Schie and Anne Plomp without whom this litter would not have been possible.
Lexi is co-owned with Delia Bucknell and myself.  Here she is on May 10th enjoying the spring sunshine.

Billy - Owned by Olaf van Schie and bred by Anne Plomp

First photo of one of the Billy x Lexi pups

Listening to puppy heartbeats with the doppler. Music to my ears.

Lexi - May 21.  Lots of sleeping and resting.

Lexi was very accommodating and waited to deliver her puppies until Nellemarie Hyde my dear friend and whelper helper returned to the city from her weekend away up north.  Lexi is proving to be a great first time mum, keeping her puppies content, clean and very well fed.  With lots of space at the milk bar, the puppies already weighed over a pound by the time they were three days old.

                    Ron       born at  1:24 pm 11.5 oz - Black
                    Hermione   born at  2:19 pm         13.2 oz - Black
                    Harry      born at  2:41 pm         10.3 oz - Black

Please visit our Facebook Page Northrock Barbets for frequent video and photo updates of the Billy x Lexi pups.  We will also be providing updates via the blog, just not as often.