Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun times on the French River

We just got home yesterday from a weekend with friends at their cottage on the French River http://www.visitfrenchriver.com/ .  It is so breathtakingly beautiful up there.  Quincy, God bless him, is his own worst enemy and due to his *intense* love of retrieving and swimming will go non stop.  His pause button is broken because he whines and roos incesantly if he's not in the water and basically drives us all crazy.  I do think if he got a steady diet of water he'd be fine but he doesn't and he's not so he stayed behind with Gran and the cat.  Besides with two car seats, a stuffed Thule bag on top, a big honkin cooler and every conceivable nook and cranny packed in tight there was only room for one kennel.  So we brought Sophie.

And she looooooved it and she was so so good.  She fit right in with all the kids.  She swam in the river, dug in the sand and felt the wind in her fur on the boat.  Here are some photos  and video from the trip.  Enjoy.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1VNJwLsMt0

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