Thursday, March 3, 2011

What went on in February.....

Well February has come and gone and pictures have been accumulating in the camera.  I figured today was as good as any to update the 'ol blog. 

Here is a typical mealtime at our place - for the dogs anyway :0)  I feed a raw food diet to them and so I keep the crates set up in our family room.  Not the most chic of decorating styles but it works for us.  I like for them to have their bones in their crates and then it's super easy for me to wipe up.  Although the dogs come and go in the house they always have their crates to go to which they see as their own personal dens.  Quincy will often choose his crate over the couch.....  

.....but not always :0)  Could you leave a little room for the woman who feeds you!  Gheesh.

When I groom the dogs we both benefit.  For them it's relaxing, good for their circulation and coat health and you can tell they feel good afterwards.  (Maybe like a spa day for us?)  For me I find it very calming.  It's sort of like gardening in that respect.
"Why Quincy?  Why on the table?"  "Because I have an exceptional nose.  Because the squirrel thought he was being smart to hide his stolen bun on top of the table but I am smarter.  Because I will never pass up something to eat (well except for bananas).  Because for an almost 10 year old I am still very nimble.....must be those chicken feet ....keep 'em coming". (BTW chicken feet are a great natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin).

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