Wednesday, April 11, 2012

19th Annual All About Pets Show

Over the Easter weekend there is a large event that takes place at the International Center in Toronto, Ontario. The All About Pets Show  has been running for 19 years.  It is considered to be Canada’s largest premier pet showcase.  It has many vendors of pet products who participate yearly, breeders and breed clubs, kennel clubs and recue organizations are also present.  There are birds, cats, reptiles and other pets available on display for the public to meet and greet.  So many people pass through their doors that their website claims that “over the last 18 years, the attendance has averaged 27,500 visitors.”  Wow!

Club Barbet Canada was there to promote the breed and to allow the public an opportunity to meet our dogs and learn more about the Barbet.  Most people had never heard of the breed before.  I was there with one of my dogs each day of the show along with fellow Club members!  We all had a wonderful time.  Our dogs did a great job representing the breed and we were all very pleased with how many people enjoyed petting the dogs and chatting with us about what the Barbet is all about.  You can read more about our National Club’s participation in the event here .
Here is a photo of Coco and I from the weekend!

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