Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walking to School...

Every Wednesday the kid's school has a healthy initiative to encourage the kids to get more physical activity.  They call it Walk to School Wednesday.  So come rain or shine we always try to walk on Wednesdays so the kids can hold up their hands in class and be counted as one of the walkers. The thing is we only live about a km from the school so pretty much everyday is a walk to school day for us.  Which is great.  We all get a little fresh air and I think it's easier for the kids to sit still and learn if they've had a chance to burn off a bit of energy first.  Walking 3 dogs at a time is a bit much, especially when the kids often want to hold my hand too LOL. So, we usually take turns bringing different dogs.  Today was Quincy's day.   Now I get to go for walk number two and get the Barbets out for their exercise.  Having dogs sure keeps you fit.  Who needs a gym membership when you've got sporting dogs?

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