Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Fab Five Hit the Three Week Mark

Mr. Green - Day 18

The Sophie and Chmurnik puppies are now over three weeks old.  Their first two weeks were what is called the Neo-Natal Period.  They spent the majority of this period sleeping and nursing and snuggling with their Momma.  They’ve grown so quickly starting off weighing under a pound and at the end of their first two weeks they were all weighing over two pounds.  It is fascinating to me how much they develop in such a short time. 

The whelping box - Day 15.  New toys and surfaces added.

Mr. Blue - Day 10
Born with their eyes and ears closed, Miss. Purple was the first one to open her eyes on day 10 followed by Blue, Red, Green and finishing with Miss. Orange who opened her peepers on day 14.  Although they were unable to see or hear much during their first couple weeks, they still had their sense of smell which helped guide them to their dam and her milk bar for feedings.  We took advantage of this sense by applying Early Scent Stimulations and introducing the puppies to a variety of different smells from day 3 to day 16.

The puppies also were able to feel and I could sit in the whelping box watching them jostle and climb, wriggle and shove to get to their preferred nipples.  The mild stressors that occur during the daily routine of life in the whelping box help to build important neural pathways in the brain.  We also built upon this benefit of small early stresses by applying Early Neurological Stimulation which we finished up as well on day 16.  Studies have shown that puppies who received early neurological stimulation were stronger physiologically and were more self-confident. [You can read more about the Early Scent Stimulation and the Early Neurological Stimulation by reading my blog post from May 2nd]
From approximately 14 to 21 days the puppies were in the Transitional Period.  What an exciting time as the pups were much more mobile and it was vastly entertaining watching them walking about the box.  They are getting up and moving away from their resting place to eliminate which bodes well for the introduction to the potty box in the near future.  They have become very much aware of their littermates and are using them as chew toys.  They will grab on to one another’s tails and ears and bat at each other with their paws in the air.  These rudimentary attempts at play are truly delightful to observe.  They have stopped sounding like “squeaky doors” and now sound so much more like little baby dogs as they experiments with yips and barks and little growls. 

Miss. Orange - Day 18

Miss. Purple - Day 15

This weekend is the big move out of the guest bedroom and into the dining room where the pups will be introduced to the potty box and all the sights and sounds that go along with living in the centre of the home.  Fun times ahead for the Fab Five as they make the transition into the next phase of development; the Awareness or Identification Period.   

Miss. Red - Day 20

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