Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Fab Five Are Now 7 Weeks Old!

Today the puppies turned 7 weeks old.  They are right in the middle of a critical socialization period where it is vital that they are exposed to a variety of different people.  We want the puppies to leave our home feeling comfortable with all kinds of different people and so it will continue to be quite busy here at Northrock during the next few weeks. 

I am now beginning to take the puppies out on solo expeditions to visit at other people’s houses.  They get to explore new environments and I get to observe their behaviour in novel situations without the security of being with their dam and the rest of their litter.  These little trips offer a lot of insight into the character of each puppy and I enjoy the one on one time I get to spend with them. 
Miss. Purple explores a new garden.
Miss Orange begins to fall asleep after an exciting time playing and visiting at a new place.
We expose the puppies to noises, strangers, different environments, other animals, car rides, crates and all of the many elements that are a part of living everyday life as part of a busy family with young children.  Above all our main priority is to ensure that all of these experiences are enjoyable for the puppies!
Puppies nap peacefully amidst the sounds of young children playing.
For the last few weeks we have encouraged toilet training by providing the puppies with a designated toilet area in the form of a potty box.  They have been very successful with making it into the box to do their business.  They consider it the norm to try and avoid soiling in their play and sleep areas.  We are now in the process of transferring this habit to going potty outside and will continue to do in the weeks to come.  We do so by having the puppies go outside to relieve themselves several times a day after their meals, naps and big play sessions.

Mr. Blue and Miss. Red in the outdoor puppy pen.
Mr. Green

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