Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obie x Mona puppies - 4 to 9 weeks.

From four to nine weeks we were kept very busy with the puppies.  Lots of visitors came through the house to help socialize the puppies. 

The pups spent plenty of time outdoors, mingled with the big dogs and met the cat.  They all agreed that fallen leaves make wonderful toys. 

Puppies cavort in the yard on a sunny autumn day while Quincy supervises their play.

Sophie and one of the pups share a tender moment.  Kelly's exuberance is contagious and she quickly convinces the little puppies to play with her.  She was very good at being mindful of their small bodies and adjusted her play style accordingly. 
         Snowy days added an extra element of fun for the puppies!

We do our best to offer the puppies lots of interesting things to play with in their indoor puppy pen.
The puppies have had solo expeditions to other homes so that I can observe them in unfamiliar surroundings away from their litter mates.  They did great and were confident and outgoing each time.  

We did temperament tests on each of the pups when they were seven weeks old and were very happy with what we saw.  They are truly a delightful bunch and performed well during the test.  These Obie x Mona puppies were wonderful and we had a fabulous time raising them during their first weeks with us.  

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